Thursday, 30 May 2013


Hello there ,well ain't it chilly Today .We've got the wood burner going and plenty of warm drinks.
So the other day i ordered my greenhouse am so excited about it! There will be plenty of pic's when it arrives ( also when the men are putting it up) .I keep thinking of all the things we can grow.
Now today i have made my plant pots , so here are the pic's the plant pot maker is what my daughter bought me from home bargains for £2.99.

There's still more to make ,i'm hoping to grow as much as i can and then freeze for over the winter.Now as u know my garden is not very big .We are using as much space as we can to grow .Well that's me for now, hope your having a good .

Lisa xx

Friday, 3 May 2013


So today we went shopping to Farm foods. It doesn't matter if your on a budget or not, its fantastic value. Frozen veg/fruit just for starters 3 for £2, so loads was bought of that. Also they have 1 KG bags of chicken breasts you can either buy a bag or 3 bags for £10. You can mix and match on the 3 for £10 items. I also got 3 bags of salmon for £10 there's four pieces in each bag and they are yummy! 

I could go on and on and on at the savings. Take a look at their website and find your nearest store. I've been buying from them for years since my kids were little. Like any shop, you have to find the bargains. But you'll find loads there. I'll put my receipt up soon and you shall see what I saved and bought.

Lisa xx