Friday, 24 June 2016

What did we do today.

So first thing i had to go to the doctors .I am sure i am going in to the menopause ,saw the doctor yesterday went back today had to have a blood test for that and my kidneys . Then we went to Louth so my youngest daughter could get her haircut , there's only 1 person she lets cut her hair so every 4 -6 weeks we take her.So thought might as well have a look round the market .Got a lot of fresh food from there. Should see us through for rest of the week. Went in to heron got a few bits. My oldest daughter bought fresh flowers . Then it was getting too warm so decide to come home.

First thing to do was put the kettle on and have a nice brew.Then we got a few loads of washing done.Now We bought a unit from a junk shop a few weeks ago now every time we have gone to finish sanding it and spraying it green ( love the colour green it makes me feel happy ) we have either had to go somewhere or it has rained .So today it got finish well apart from the doors.There waiting to been sprayed as well. Now as the living and dining room are very narrow we have had to get buy things to fit.So that will be put in the room tomorrow and the doors at a later date when there done.Also tomorrow we will finish painting the living room.

Lisa xx

Monday, 20 June 2016


I will admit I used to buy lots of things for the sake of buying .To say OOo look what i got today isn't it fab then it would be tossed to one side and forgot about.

When we first move to Lincolnshire i got pretty down i loved it but my family wasn't here ,so i would spend and spend .I would go to car boots ,charity shops etc. i would buy things to sell  on-line i did sell a lot , but i kept quite a bit . We had a spare room in the first home so i had quite a few boxes with stuff .Most of it was china cup and saucers . bowls , teapots etc.

Now when we was moving up the coast from where we was living my son had a bike accident. It was bad and so the spending got worse .It was the only i coped back then. There was so much stuff eBay selling got slow then 1 day  me and my son decided enough was enough and put it as a job lot and sold it really quick. He had bought some of the stuff so we split the money between us.

Then we moved to a bungalow as my daughter has mobility problems and my son was on crutches at the time. So the spending started again ,i could go in pound land and spend £40 in one go i would get back home and think why did i buy this , but i would still continue to do it.This went on for a few years.Then we were told that the landlord wanted the bungalow back for his daughter ( its well know in the village we lived in shes spoilt) so she got what she wanted and we moved in to a house which my daughter has to go up and down the stairs on her bum. So its been a year since we moved here its okay but we would be better in a bungalow for our daughters sake.

So back to spending we need to get it under control.Since the beginning of the year we have payed loads off ,should have a lot payed off buy the end of the year.

So i am gonna go back to my old ways which a hell of a lot of people do.I am gonna do a meal plan again .I used to do a months meal plan ,then i let it slide. i used to have 2 freezers but only have 1 so can't make lots of meals in advance like i did before.So am gonna save for an extra freezer. Plus if i have an extra freezer i can bulk buy.So that will be a plus. We need to save as much as we can ,hubby is on board which is a plus .

Lisa xxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

what do you prefer?

So do u prefer to be with your family coming and going or friends around you day in day out.
Now years ago when the kids were little there was always people coming and going at the house, it took me until i moved about 11 years ago,to realise a lot of the time i was just been used. The amount i spent on food was stupid! it would be lets go to yours a cuppa which would leading to feeding people. then after school which would then result in feeding extra for tea. They used to say to me dunno how you spend so much money on food. I used think in my head i do!!!!!. I should have opened my mouth and said something . it was also birthdays and Halloween, bonfire night  i'd spend loads so my kids had a good time. they'd turn up with extra people and say oh you don't mind do you. Me i'd go no its fine, idiot i am should have said YES i do mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .I remember one year we didn't have a Halloween party as i had to have an operation, well you would have thought i have committed murder way one mother was going on, she was ranting and carrying on saying well what am i gonna do now we like getting rid of kids for a few hours and it costs us nothing, so my husband turned round and said well looks like your gonna have to put your hand in your pocket and pay for it! You may ask why didn't you say anything to be honest i was just so used to saying yes to people who asked me but i should have been learning to say No!. When we moved things got better as there was no 1 to come round just the kids mates who used to go home for there tea!  . I have a good friend who i met when we moved . we text each other everyday to see how we are and have a grumble .That's how it is for now ,when we lived near her yes we saw her everyday. but she didn't expect things like others did.

So my answer is how it is now just family and when my friend can pop up and c us or when we can get to see her.It would be nice to live near her still who knows in the future.Would  i like to have more people in my life nope i am happy as i am.Until next time.

Lisa xx

Friday, 10 June 2016

what a day!

Well yesterday started off good, for once i had a good nights sleep.thought i'll go have a cuppa then get me self wash, dress and start cleaning . But that wasn't to be .I got downstairs and had an asthma attack . Got that under control but i felt grotty for the rest of the day.Hubby comes in from night shift to drilling and hammering from next door so couldn't go to bed,as it was right underneath where our room is. Then  somewhere on the street a argument kicked off swearing and accusing each other of having affairs ,kids crying i thought can this day get any better!
Hope today is better.

Lisa xx