Friday, 6 November 2015

Welcoming followers

I am so guilty of not welcoming followers , so welcome FrugalinLinconlshire and Going Gently,
lisa xx

Thursday, 29 October 2015

I've thought time and time again what to put ,typed it and deleted it. So here's what happened .
In febuary was my youngest daughters 18th birthday .Then not long after we had to put our dog to sleep ,that was 1 of the hardest things to do . HE was 15  we had got him from a rescue centre  at 11 mths old . Then not long after that we got news we were losing our home, the landlord wanted it back for his daughter.So we had 2mths to find a new home .So were in our new home been here since may oh and its much cheaper .There's not much else to say.I could go more indepth but i'd only get more upset.So there you have it.
 Lisa xx

p.s forgot to say the weekend we moved i had an accident , i fell off a chair and hit my head on a granite work surface and fell on my arm . Ended in hospital came out with arm in a sling for a week and bad concussion . Still have bad days with headaches and neck pain which after a c.t have been told it will be bad for up to a year. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

This is a take over....

Hello dear readers,

This is the son here (Hi, how are you? :D)

I am in my final year of uni, and I need to make a 23 minute short film and I need your help! I have no clue what I want to make and as they say, the customer (audience) is always right!

If you could fill that out, that would be great!

Every entry gets a free cookie, courtesy of Google!

Stay frosty guys and thank you in advance!

Josh (The son)

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

when its hard

Am still around but things have been bad for a few months, I keep trying to write about it but its hard.Will be back when i can do it.

Lisa xx

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Goodbye Fashion world and i miss my cupboard

Well i have finally done it I am now free from the hands of fashion world .It has taken me a year of paying £96 a month. I feel so much better i will be ringing tomorrow now it is at zero and close it down.It feels a weight of me.Even thought i have other things to pay this was really getting to me as i could see the end was near in the last few months.When i payed the last payment i was so giddy.

When we lived at the coast we had this massive cupboard in the kitchen this is half of it . The storage was amazing .The top was full of tins and bottles etc. at the bottom one half had me plates, bowls etc the other half was toilet rolls .clothes liquid.I could stock up really well. Where i am now is so different i have no storage like this. Hope i find something like this in our next home.

Lisa xx