Sunday, 28 July 2013


Hello everyone, well a few things been going on here .Myself and hubby have new job's.I'm now my daughters support worker for uni,so that's fitted around teaching my youngest daughter.Hubby has a new job he starts in week. He's on longer days but home more so when school and uni start a new rota is to be done.So between us both we'll be teaching the youngest.

Now we rent the home we are in and the landlord has said we can decorate as we wish.Which is fab for us!
We have been in just over a year now,So due to things in past year going off we have started till here's some pic's of the kitchen and hallway so far.

So here's some before pic's of some parts of the kitchen and hallway.Now the grey i don't like,some do but not me.Now here's some after pic's of the paint work with the first coat.

So that's it for now folk's .Will be back with more pic's when it's done.Thanks for dropping by.

Lisa xxxx