Sunday, 22 February 2015

Goodbye Fashion world and i miss my cupboard

Well i have finally done it I am now free from the hands of fashion world .It has taken me a year of paying £96 a month. I feel so much better i will be ringing tomorrow now it is at zero and close it down.It feels a weight of me.Even thought i have other things to pay this was really getting to me as i could see the end was near in the last few months.When i payed the last payment i was so giddy.

When we lived at the coast we had this massive cupboard in the kitchen this is half of it . The storage was amazing .The top was full of tins and bottles etc. at the bottom one half had me plates, bowls etc the other half was toilet rolls .clothes liquid.I could stock up really well. Where i am now is so different i have no storage like this. Hope i find something like this in our next home.

Lisa xx