Saturday, 29 November 2014

the ignorance of some people!!!!!

Hi there everyone now before anyone thinks i am slagging it off i am not i shop there, pound land, 99p shop. Well today me and the family were in there shopping for gifts for kids at the food bank. We got some fab things for them.


     Now unknown to me a bloke had said to his son ewwww look at the cheap crap in their basket.My youngest heard him and gave him a look of disgust .Now when we was at the till his wife was next to us at the other till and the girl said u getting ready for Xmas with all theses goody's. We said oh we've done ours this is for the food bank. My oldest daughter said if parents can't  afford food then they can't get gifts .Now at the time i didn't know i wondered why she went bright red and put her head down.If i had heard him i would have said well if its that crap why have you got a basket full of stuff.!!!!! I was angry when she told me .
   I love going in theses shops. We got boys and girls toys and things for older kids.We can not afford much but we have more than some and i will do what i can to help.

Monday, 17 November 2014

What happened last Thursday and giving to the food bank.

Hey there all first please could people fill in my Sons surveys for his uni work. They are on the previous post.He would be most grateful for this.

Okay so last Thursday what a day well first we had the wood delivered.So this had to be moved and stacked so me and hubby set to work.

 Then we did some sorting in the home and getting the wood basket in the house its big so that's in the conservatory .Then i was sorting cardboard out for my oldest to box presents for her friends in America.So came through and heard a gurgling noise.My oldest daughter was having a seizure and smacking her head on the cupboard.So got her away from cupboard and shouted for her sister to get her dad.So ambulance called for and on our way to check her out and make sure their was no neck and back injury .The Paramedics and staff at grimsby hospital were amazing.

Then remembered while in hospital that the shopping was been delivered that night , now the delivery was not for us but for the food bank.We made in home in time and put it with the rest of the things we had bought.


So this is what we got everyone put in £10 for the Tesco shop so we had £50. We got cleaning and hygiene products as well as food,not a lot of people think of hygiene products imagine if you had not got any sanitary products or deodorant or toothpaste or toilet roll etc .Now we got selection boxes and chocolate calenders and other sweets.As we all know Xmas wont be long before its here .At least the kids can have a bit of joy at Xmas. We will be going this weekend for a few more bits then to pound land and other discount shops for a few toys to be given.My son interviewed one of the guys there and the story's he told him would break your heart. You don't have to give a lot ,give what u can afford .


Lisa xxxx

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Survey for you all to do :)

Dear to all those that read this blog,

It is I, joshythehipster (the son, if you've forgotten my hacking raids on this account)

With little permission and lots of resistance I have commandeered this blog for my own personal use...

So, here is the skinny of it:

I am making a documentary after christmas and I'm doing about food banks and why the demand has risen so much as of recent.

So, here are some links that lead to some of my surveys and remember, each survey equals to cookies!

Each should only take a few minutes of your time and it will be very much appreciated!

Kind regards and have fun!

Josh ^^

Now must run, I hear her coming....

Monday, 18 August 2014

Okay here goes hope this works ,tried yesterday to upload pics and it didn't work .Was my birthday yesterday turned 42 .Here are my birthday present pics.

 These are what my hubby got me.I wanted a radio for the kitchen for ages so i was well pleased.

These's are what my youngest daughter got me .I had a nice soak in bath last night with the sleep easy ,it smells so nice.

My oldest daughter got me a bed throw it is massive  and the fab pic.Gotta find a nice frame for this.

My son and his soul mate got me this autograph ,i love this tv series .I was well pleased when i opened it.

My sons soul mate also got me this .Now to eat lots of yummy food!

 My mum gave me money for my birthday so i got these's from the charity shop the dress was £4.99 and the top was £3.49 i was well pleased. I have £1.50 left so i will see what i can find.

 The lovely ,cute couple next door got me this plant .

At last it worked ! hope you had a fab weekend

love Lisa xx

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hi there. So whats happened so far.Well firstly we had 3 birthdays , youngest is now 17, oldest is 23 and hubby turned 43! . We lost our hamster he was called king kong by the youngest as it was hers.We asked her at the time why that name? she replied well look at the size of him lol. He had a good life and lots of love. Jim the rabbit went for the snip ,Edwina is going to be done soon .Then next year they can go in the same run.
          Now on the job front hubby was moved in to another part of the hospital so his job was safe.Then out of the blue his old company rang and offered him a better job and more money.So we talked and decided he would take it.It is also closer so we save on fuel.His checks have come back so now just waiting for start date. Now i know its long time since i said i would show the finished kitchen .So this week i will show you.

Thanks for reading
Lisa xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014


So yesterday we went back to Scunthorpe for a better look around. As the first time we went we was just finding our way round. After we had a good look in shops, we went to a place called Discount Foods and its address is:
  • Unit 9, Ashley Estate, Exmoor Avenue, Skippingdale Retail Park
  • DN15 8NJ Scunthorpe

Now in no way am i getting anything for mentioning this place, I am telling you because it has fab bargains. The guy who runs it is great since you get a warm welcome. So i had a good look around and like everywhere there will be things that are not for you and things that are. Now we love our fruit and i mean love it, the kids can often be found  with a tin of peaches or pears etc munching away!
                          So when i spotted these's bargains i was in heaven i tell you i could have jumped in that freezer! I admit at one point i was hanging in the freezer for a bag of cherries, well actually i got 2 that last bag was coming home with me (i would have wrestled anyone else for it).

So here is what i bought (well hubby did lol) now i spent about £28 hubby has got receipt so i know its around that. Now everything was a bargain, but the best every was the fruit.
        Now the fruit is 50p  scoop, the guy who's runs it gets it for you. He puts gloves on the scoops your fruit .now here's my list of fruit. I was amazed! Now when i got home i weighed each bag i was amazed,remember weights will be different every time.

            STRAWBERRIES i got 4 scoops =2.2kg =£2.00 now fresh is £3.50 for 270gms that lot would have cost me £29.75.

             RED CURRANTS i got 4 scoops = 1.8kg = £2.00 i can not compare as i cannot find a price.

              pomegranates i got 4 scoops = 2kg = £2.00 i cannot compare price as i could'nt find lose.

              APRICOTS  i got 3 scoops as that was last =1.28kg =£1.50 fresh lose £5.10.

              CHERRIES i got 2 bags at 2.5 kg = £3 a bag .fresh is £5.72 that would have cost £28.60.

So you see well worth a look, i have had the fruit out defrosting and its tastes amazing. Will i got back i sore will. They also have lose veg as well. So if you live not far or fancy a drive up go and take a look.

We also got a free apple pie : ) .

Here's a happy face with a yummy lolly.

Lisa xxxx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Well at the weekend, we took the kids out as we had promised.We had a nice time,we went to Scunthorpe .Now we have never been there.But i can tell you i will go again.They have a fab Market,got some bargains .Loads of shops and best off all its all flat and pedestrian zoned.Also very wheelchair friendly.
                                     Then when we got home my hubby had a letter from work.It's not 4 months now.People will know by the end of march.So in 2 weeks he could potentially be out of work! So yesterday he has been looking at job's.Already applied for one.He's gonna keep looking.We will not be beaten!

Lisa x

Friday, 14 March 2014


My husband works in mental health and there was rumors earlier in the year about job loss, but told the jobs were safe. He came home from work on Wednesday  morning and told me that he could be made redundant. Did I get mad? Did I cry? Well to be honest, no. There is to be 2 new units open, but obviously not enough jobs. So they have to apply for them and he may get one he may not. Hes going to start looking at other jobs out there. We both agree that we can not sit around waiting to see what may happen. They will know in 4 months. Years ago i would have sat and cried for hours and hours. But as they say the older you get, the wiser you get. We are not going to make our self's ill over this. We have 3 kids at home, and yes there older but they still need support in  different ways.This will not beat us!
                                            We are hoping we do not have to go on benefits, but if we do we do. But we are gonna try our best  not to. We have been down that route years ago and hubby found it so hard and degrading. The thing i remember the most was, we had nearly run out of baby milk. Hubby's giro did not come through, so he rang up. The lovely woman on the other end of the phone, said to my husband. What you want me to do? Make it for you? well to say we was shocked is and understatement. We didn't want to be on benefits but we had no choice.
                                            So what am i doing now, well i already have a store cupboard and 2 freezers. I was gonna run it all down and then restock. That is not an option now, so i am stocking up, i have an approved foods order coming today. Over the next few months we will stock up on everything. We have made list's of what we need and will continue to do so. Hubby already does overtime and will continue to do so.

Lisa xxx