Monday, 18 August 2014

Okay here goes hope this works ,tried yesterday to upload pics and it didn't work .Was my birthday yesterday turned 42 .Here are my birthday present pics.

 These are what my hubby got me.I wanted a radio for the kitchen for ages so i was well pleased.

These's are what my youngest daughter got me .I had a nice soak in bath last night with the sleep easy ,it smells so nice.

My oldest daughter got me a bed throw it is massive  and the fab pic.Gotta find a nice frame for this.

My son and his soul mate got me this autograph ,i love this tv series .I was well pleased when i opened it.

My sons soul mate also got me this .Now to eat lots of yummy food!

 My mum gave me money for my birthday so i got these's from the charity shop the dress was £4.99 and the top was £3.49 i was well pleased. I have £1.50 left so i will see what i can find.

 The lovely ,cute couple next door got me this plant .

At last it worked ! hope you had a fab weekend

love Lisa xx


  1. You did really well Birthday twin x

  2. Love Betty Boop ! I got a radio for my kitchen last year and never realised how much I would enjoy it.....its on most days until well into the evening....I`m a radio 2 girl myself ! Enjoy ! XX

    1. Hi there thanks for dropping in , i love any station with a good tune.It cheers me up.
      Lisa xxxx