Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hi there. So whats happened so far.Well firstly we had 3 birthdays , youngest is now 17, oldest is 23 and hubby turned 43! . We lost our hamster he was called king kong by the youngest as it was hers.We asked her at the time why that name? she replied well look at the size of him lol. He had a good life and lots of love. Jim the rabbit went for the snip ,Edwina is going to be done soon .Then next year they can go in the same run.
          Now on the job front hubby was moved in to another part of the hospital so his job was safe.Then out of the blue his old company rang and offered him a better job and more money.So we talked and decided he would take it.It is also closer so we save on fuel.His checks have come back so now just waiting for start date. Now i know its long time since i said i would show the finished kitchen .So this week i will show you.

Thanks for reading
Lisa xxx

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  1. I can sort of see you blog on my blog list but it won't let me link on. Just to say we share the exact same BD 17th and I'm 42, many happy returns Birthday twin x