Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My chair stinks !!!!!

So theres a comfy chair in my house and it rocks and reclines. Its a bit wore but well loved . But there is a BIG PROBLEM with this chair. My husband and son use this chair . They constatley FART IN IT!!!!! The poor chair it has to been sprayed with fabreze everyday . My son farts on it when hes asleep, when hes just sat i must admit he gets up and moves his arse away.But my husband oh no he goes it slipped out, no it didnt i saw the strain on your face pushing it out!!!!
    So i really wanna make a cover for the poor chair but i will always be washing it so i will have to think about it. I have never made covers for a chair so if i decide to do it ,it could take a while! or do i buy a new chair ?

Lisa xxx

Monday, 1 February 2016

Others people debt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So a while ago we got a letter from a debt company for someone else ,rang them up told them not our debt they dont live here .They said am so sorry u wont get another 1.
So today another 1 arrives same company for the same person but a different debt! Hubby will deal with it when home ,hes at uni at the minute.
Its saying on the internet that hes on the electrol roll here.My son phoned the nice people at the electrol roll he aint on it ,they did a wide search and hes not anywhere around here. They told us it 192 had not updated the system .We looked to see how much to ring them ,nearly fell throught the floor. We will send them a message through there contact us and see what happens.

Lisa xxx