Monday, 1 February 2016

Others people debt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So a while ago we got a letter from a debt company for someone else ,rang them up told them not our debt they dont live here .They said am so sorry u wont get another 1.
So today another 1 arrives same company for the same person but a different debt! Hubby will deal with it when home ,hes at uni at the minute.
Its saying on the internet that hes on the electrol roll here.My son phoned the nice people at the electrol roll he aint on it ,they did a wide search and hes not anywhere around here. They told us it 192 had not updated the system .We looked to see how much to ring them ,nearly fell throught the floor. We will send them a message through there contact us and see what happens.

Lisa xxx


  1. Hi Lisa..ooh thats annoying isn't it..when we moved in this house for about 6 months we had debt collectors knocking on our door..then a huge set of bailiffs turned up..we showed them our rent book and also bills to say this was our house and we had only been here a little while..they were great and apologized and then left..never saw them again but it took at least 18 months for the collectors to stop turning up..

    1. Hi sara ,thats what am worried about if bailiffs turn up. I have got my rent agreement ready if they do.I never thought of showing them any bills but will sort them and put it with the rent agreement.Thanks for replying .

      lisa xx

  2. So... Want some blog? :p

    But no, those letters really fuck me off something chronic mum! And we tell them time and time again he doesn't live here!

  3. We do and also the bloody walkers dont live here either lol!
    mum xx