Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My chair stinks !!!!!

So theres a comfy chair in my house and it rocks and reclines. Its a bit wore but well loved . But there is a BIG PROBLEM with this chair. My husband and son use this chair . They constatley FART IN IT!!!!! The poor chair it has to been sprayed with fabreze everyday . My son farts on it when hes asleep, when hes just sat i must admit he gets up and moves his arse away.But my husband oh no he goes it slipped out, no it didnt i saw the strain on your face pushing it out!!!!
    So i really wanna make a cover for the poor chair but i will always be washing it so i will have to think about it. I have never made covers for a chair so if i decide to do it ,it could take a while! or do i buy a new chair ?

Lisa xxx


  1. What can I say? I'm a sleepy guy...

  2. Seen some interesting re covers using a mix of vintage cloth on a remake programme. So you could start by trying out with old curtains, nothing would be lost then, and they could be washed! meanwhile - take away their beans and cabbage!

  3. Hi thanks for leaving a comment, think i need to rethink there diet lol.

    lisa xx