Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I do love a good wordsearch,and other stuff.

i have loved wordsearches since i was a kid, i was in pounland other week with my hubby and kids. He said a bit loud bless him ( just found out is hearing is not good on his left side) who wants a wordsearch .Well i said oooooooo i love a good wordsearch ,he turned to me and said i know and smiled.So into the basket it went.I dont need expensive things from my hubby to show he loves me ,when i get a bit down and grumpy he knows a walk on the seafront will cheer me up.I love that he knows me well ,its the little things that make me happy.

Well we have started to decorated in the house. the walls are okay.As we pulled the paper of there is holes in the wall were it has been papered over .The chimney breast is much to be desired ,as we pulled the paper off we noticed it had been painted on.My heart sank as when we did the sunroom they had done the same .You may think whats wrong with that .Well as the paper came off so did the paint in parts we had to scrap all the walls in the sunroom with help of a steamer to get it off .The walls have not even had a base coat before painting.So more work to be done.Hopefully it wont take much longer .Oh and forgot to say some wallpaper was stuck up with silicone !.

Have a good night
Lisa xx


  1. I hate decorating with a passion!!! I like looking at other peoples elbow grease though x

    1. I must admit hubby has done a lot . am not allowed to climb on chairs or go up ladders after an accident . so i did a bit at the bottom and hubby does rest. Hate not beable to help as much.
      lisa x