Sunday, 23 March 2014


So yesterday we went back to Scunthorpe for a better look around. As the first time we went we was just finding our way round. After we had a good look in shops, we went to a place called Discount Foods and its address is:
  • Unit 9, Ashley Estate, Exmoor Avenue, Skippingdale Retail Park
  • DN15 8NJ Scunthorpe

Now in no way am i getting anything for mentioning this place, I am telling you because it has fab bargains. The guy who runs it is great since you get a warm welcome. So i had a good look around and like everywhere there will be things that are not for you and things that are. Now we love our fruit and i mean love it, the kids can often be found  with a tin of peaches or pears etc munching away!
                          So when i spotted these's bargains i was in heaven i tell you i could have jumped in that freezer! I admit at one point i was hanging in the freezer for a bag of cherries, well actually i got 2 that last bag was coming home with me (i would have wrestled anyone else for it).

So here is what i bought (well hubby did lol) now i spent about £28 hubby has got receipt so i know its around that. Now everything was a bargain, but the best every was the fruit.
        Now the fruit is 50p  scoop, the guy who's runs it gets it for you. He puts gloves on the scoops your fruit .now here's my list of fruit. I was amazed! Now when i got home i weighed each bag i was amazed,remember weights will be different every time.

            STRAWBERRIES i got 4 scoops =2.2kg =£2.00 now fresh is £3.50 for 270gms that lot would have cost me £29.75.

             RED CURRANTS i got 4 scoops = 1.8kg = £2.00 i can not compare as i cannot find a price.

              pomegranates i got 4 scoops = 2kg = £2.00 i cannot compare price as i could'nt find lose.

              APRICOTS  i got 3 scoops as that was last =1.28kg =£1.50 fresh lose £5.10.

              CHERRIES i got 2 bags at 2.5 kg = £3 a bag .fresh is £5.72 that would have cost £28.60.

So you see well worth a look, i have had the fruit out defrosting and its tastes amazing. Will i got back i sore will. They also have lose veg as well. So if you live not far or fancy a drive up go and take a look.

We also got a free apple pie : ) .

Here's a happy face with a yummy lolly.

Lisa xxxx