Friday, 14 March 2014


My husband works in mental health and there was rumors earlier in the year about job loss, but told the jobs were safe. He came home from work on Wednesday  morning and told me that he could be made redundant. Did I get mad? Did I cry? Well to be honest, no. There is to be 2 new units open, but obviously not enough jobs. So they have to apply for them and he may get one he may not. Hes going to start looking at other jobs out there. We both agree that we can not sit around waiting to see what may happen. They will know in 4 months. Years ago i would have sat and cried for hours and hours. But as they say the older you get, the wiser you get. We are not going to make our self's ill over this. We have 3 kids at home, and yes there older but they still need support in  different ways.This will not beat us!
                                            We are hoping we do not have to go on benefits, but if we do we do. But we are gonna try our best  not to. We have been down that route years ago and hubby found it so hard and degrading. The thing i remember the most was, we had nearly run out of baby milk. Hubby's giro did not come through, so he rang up. The lovely woman on the other end of the phone, said to my husband. What you want me to do? Make it for you? well to say we was shocked is and understatement. We didn't want to be on benefits but we had no choice.
                                            So what am i doing now, well i already have a store cupboard and 2 freezers. I was gonna run it all down and then restock. That is not an option now, so i am stocking up, i have an approved foods order coming today. Over the next few months we will stock up on everything. We have made list's of what we need and will continue to do so. Hubby already does overtime and will continue to do so.

Lisa xxx


  1. Thinking of you, hope it works out well for you all. X

  2. Good thoughts going out to you. It is never wrong to look for a helping hand when you encounter hard times. It took me nine months to find another job and the one I have may just be temporary, but I worried a lot before I got it. My spouse's positive attitude and never wavering support made the biggest difference. Your attitude will help for sure!

    1. Hi Alex.I know your right about looking for a helping hand.we been through hard times before and we are determined to get through this.
      lisa xx