Friday, 10 June 2016

what a day!

Well yesterday started off good, for once i had a good nights sleep.thought i'll go have a cuppa then get me self wash, dress and start cleaning . But that wasn't to be .I got downstairs and had an asthma attack . Got that under control but i felt grotty for the rest of the day.Hubby comes in from night shift to drilling and hammering from next door so couldn't go to bed,as it was right underneath where our room is. Then  somewhere on the street a argument kicked off swearing and accusing each other of having affairs ,kids crying i thought can this day get any better!
Hope today is better.

Lisa xx


  1. Hi have my heartfelt sympathy
    hope you have some quiet time and a good rest

  2. Hi Sara ,thanks for dropping by ,it was a quieter day today thank god.