Friday, 24 June 2016

What did we do today.

So first thing i had to go to the doctors .I am sure i am going in to the menopause ,saw the doctor yesterday went back today had to have a blood test for that and my kidneys . Then we went to Louth so my youngest daughter could get her haircut , there's only 1 person she lets cut her hair so every 4 -6 weeks we take her.So thought might as well have a look round the market .Got a lot of fresh food from there. Should see us through for rest of the week. Went in to heron got a few bits. My oldest daughter bought fresh flowers . Then it was getting too warm so decide to come home.

First thing to do was put the kettle on and have a nice brew.Then we got a few loads of washing done.Now We bought a unit from a junk shop a few weeks ago now every time we have gone to finish sanding it and spraying it green ( love the colour green it makes me feel happy ) we have either had to go somewhere or it has rained .So today it got finish well apart from the doors.There waiting to been sprayed as well. Now as the living and dining room are very narrow we have had to get buy things to fit.So that will be put in the room tomorrow and the doors at a later date when there done.Also tomorrow we will finish painting the living room.

Lisa xx

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