Tuesday, 14 June 2016

what do you prefer?

So do u prefer to be with your family coming and going or friends around you day in day out.
Now years ago when the kids were little there was always people coming and going at the house, it took me until i moved about 11 years ago,to realise a lot of the time i was just been used. The amount i spent on food was stupid! it would be lets go to yours a cuppa which would leading to feeding people. then after school which would then result in feeding extra for tea. They used to say to me dunno how you spend so much money on food. I used think in my head i do!!!!!. I should have opened my mouth and said something . it was also birthdays and Halloween, bonfire night  i'd spend loads so my kids had a good time. they'd turn up with extra people and say oh you don't mind do you. Me i'd go no its fine, idiot i am should have said YES i do mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .I remember one year we didn't have a Halloween party as i had to have an operation, well you would have thought i have committed murder way one mother was going on, she was ranting and carrying on saying well what am i gonna do now we like getting rid of kids for a few hours and it costs us nothing, so my husband turned round and said well looks like your gonna have to put your hand in your pocket and pay for it! You may ask why didn't you say anything to be honest i was just so used to saying yes to people who asked me but i should have been learning to say No!. When we moved things got better as there was no 1 to come round just the kids mates who used to go home for there tea!  . I have a good friend who i met when we moved . we text each other everyday to see how we are and have a grumble .That's how it is for now ,when we lived near her yes we saw her everyday. but she didn't expect things like others did.

So my answer is how it is now just family and when my friend can pop up and c us or when we can get to see her.It would be nice to live near her still who knows in the future.Would  i like to have more people in my life nope i am happy as i am.Until next time.

Lisa xx


  1. O gosh hands down my little family..i was the same as you many years ago..never saying no and then being eaten out of house and home..in the end i just stopped inviting ..my girls and son and their little friends yes but if others turned up my hubby would say something and make it obvious they were not invited. The time i did say something a majority of my brothers and their wives and children just turned up unannounced at a bonfire party..they just assumed i was going to entertain them and their children..boy did they get that wrong..my hubby went ballistic and showed them the door..they would turn up and literally take over the house and garden,then ask for food and drinks and then always disappear without an offer of helping to clear up..i was up til midnight one time cleaning up mud stains off my carpets and sofa because they let their children run riot..i was so upset..so i stopped.
    My friends were same as me..don't mind a coffee now and again but that was it..i don't really have anyone around now as i don't see them..they stopped being my so called friends when i took Fern out of school..so its just us now and i love it..i have 1 friend who pops over now and then but most of the time we text and catch up that way which is nice.
    I think as we get older we get more confident in saying No..i would worry about it before but not now..
    Its bliss for me now..

  2. Hi Sara thanks for dropping by.think the move was the best thing for me.I have home schooled my youngest daughter for a few years, she'll be 20 in Feb and shes absolutely loved it.Some people had too much to say about it that i wouldn't be able to do it but we did. Maybe that's a post for another day.

    Lisa xx

  3. As we never had much ourselves we were always careful not to over do anyone else's welcome! Shame on those people!

    1. Hi thanks for dropping by, wish the people we knew had been like this.

      Lisa xx