Monday, 20 June 2016


I will admit I used to buy lots of things for the sake of buying .To say OOo look what i got today isn't it fab then it would be tossed to one side and forgot about.

When we first move to Lincolnshire i got pretty down i loved it but my family wasn't here ,so i would spend and spend .I would go to car boots ,charity shops etc. i would buy things to sell  on-line i did sell a lot , but i kept quite a bit . We had a spare room in the first home so i had quite a few boxes with stuff .Most of it was china cup and saucers . bowls , teapots etc.

Now when we was moving up the coast from where we was living my son had a bike accident. It was bad and so the spending got worse .It was the only i coped back then. There was so much stuff eBay selling got slow then 1 day  me and my son decided enough was enough and put it as a job lot and sold it really quick. He had bought some of the stuff so we split the money between us.

Then we moved to a bungalow as my daughter has mobility problems and my son was on crutches at the time. So the spending started again ,i could go in pound land and spend £40 in one go i would get back home and think why did i buy this , but i would still continue to do it.This went on for a few years.Then we were told that the landlord wanted the bungalow back for his daughter ( its well know in the village we lived in shes spoilt) so she got what she wanted and we moved in to a house which my daughter has to go up and down the stairs on her bum. So its been a year since we moved here its okay but we would be better in a bungalow for our daughters sake.

So back to spending we need to get it under control.Since the beginning of the year we have payed loads off ,should have a lot payed off buy the end of the year.

So i am gonna go back to my old ways which a hell of a lot of people do.I am gonna do a meal plan again .I used to do a months meal plan ,then i let it slide. i used to have 2 freezers but only have 1 so can't make lots of meals in advance like i did before.So am gonna save for an extra freezer. Plus if i have an extra freezer i can bulk buy.So that will be a plus. We need to save as much as we can ,hubby is on board which is a plus .

Lisa xxx


  1. I found restricting the grocery shopping to online delivered to the door cut a lot of temptation and going to the butchers once a fortnight and using freezer well meant meals were planned and controlled. Less contact, less spend in my case. Wish I could crack ebay - I have some stuff to sell but am a worry re the paypal thing.

    1. Hi there , we get most of our meat from the market in bulk which saves us a lot.Most of the time i take a list and try to stick to it.I keep thinking about ebay selling again but think i would find it hard to let go of things.

      Lisa xx

  2. Hi Lisa..o sweet seems you have had it rough for a bit..the meal plans are great..trishwish is right about having it delivered as well..i have a strict budget and won't go over it ..that way i am not tempted to pop to another shop for a quick look..i avoid Poundland and Poundworld like the plague..i go once every 3 months..its normally for school stuff and craft bits..i love selling on ebay..i always find it so hard to let things go but then i think once its boxed it doesn't belong to me and i also think about my Paypal account and how nice it is to have a little extra in it for emergencies.

  3. Hi Sara, i still go in Poundland but am been strict with myself now.i use b&m , poundstreachers as well.i get quite a lot of tinned food from there .But am gonna sit and write a list what i need for the month. But also i want to start buying extra tinned food so when i carn't get out i have things to fall back on.
    Lisa xx