Monday, 4 July 2016

Shopping for the month.

 So all of the above were bought on Friday. The price for the whole lot was £116.00 .Now i hope this will last for the month .There's plenty of meat and fish.So here's what i bought.


2 packs of gammon

1 pack of bacon

1 extra large chicken

1 large turkey joint cut in to 2

4 x 1 kg of minced pork

1 extra large pork loin cut in to 3

5 kg of chicken breast

The meat i got from Gary's meats at freeman street market.( always get it from there it really good meat)


2 packs of tuna steaks

1 kg cod loin

1 kg haddock loin

2 bags of seconds fish fingers ( very yummy)

dressed crab ( only me and my son eat this so was a little snack)

3 pieces of salmon

Now my oldest daughter is vegetarian i still have some things in freezer for her, she loves her veggies.So i will be making plenty of yummy dishes for her. The cupboards need stocking up a bit. I do have plenty of pasta and noodles .The  potatoes  i got from the market £5.50 for 10 kg of reds. I went in to farm foods and got a 3 kg bag of pasta for £2.49 and 5 kg for £1.50 ! bargain.

Now the fish came from where my son works.On Riby street at Riby street fish monger .Which is delicious fish.Since he stared there we have eaten more fish to be honest.Which is a good thing.

No i am hoping to keep the months food spend under £250 for the month, so we shall see how it goes.

Lisa xx

P.S i have not been paid to endorse their products , its just to show you what i have bought and where i bought it from.



  1. Well done that looks like a good shop. I like to do the same, get a whole load in at once, divide up in to my own pack sizes and I can choose fish or meat to suit the veg coming in from the garden daily.

    1. the freezer is full now, i wish i had room to grow my own veg ,i have a greenhouse but its packed away as there's not enough room where we moved to.hopefully in the future we can find a property to rent with a bigger garden .

      Lisa xx