Sunday, 7 August 2011


Well yesterday me ,hubby and girls set off to the car boot ,my son was supposed to be working but when we got back he said work phoned not to bother as the weather was bad :( , he works in a cafe on seafront might have told you Anyway the 2 lamps cost me £3 bargain as there new, on the shades there is a heart they are so cute ,just got to make mind up where there going now. Now the rug was the best bargain it was a whole £1. now before i got this someone else had hold of it and was saying ohhhhhhhhhhhh i don't know depends what it's like cleaned and kept saying u want a quid , saying ohhhhhhhh i dont know for a quid . so i waited and waited and she put it down, so i said i dont need to think about it :). so home it came with me.
lisa x

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