Sunday, 24 February 2013


Welcome and good morning to anyone who stumbles upon my thoughts.
Well, I am sat here on my own, the hubby's gone to work, kids asleep and all is quiet.While typing this I'm also watching a garden program and its making me think of summer. Oh I wish for the sun just to appear and make me smile and to feel it on my face. It would make me so happy. If it did, I could make a start on my gardens, front and back. I'll be able to have the windows and doors open. The air would flow through the home, and I could start decorating. It would make it feel more like our home.

We have a nice landlord who's said we can decorate how we want. Which is so nice, since some landlords don't like you to change the decor. We all would love to go for nice walks and picnics and go to the beach. It's hard in the cold weather as my oldest gets cold so quick and ends up in pain for days after.

As I look out of the window, more snow is falling. It would be so nice just by the click of my fingers I could make it disappear. The other day I went out and cleaned the animals out and thought 'Hm, lets get sweeping'. So I did. All around the bungalow then the front. It looked so much better, and I felt so much better.
Then it got too cold and I retreated inside. But, just that little bit time outside made me feel great.
Do you ever feel like you have to be super woman and just do everything in one day? That if somethings out of place that it really annoy's you? That you look at other blogs and think 'How the hell does there home look perfect and mine looks so crap!' ? Then I sit down and think 'What the hell, and I give up!'

Lisa x

Since writing this I had a lazy morning, kids got up about half 12. Then after my shower my son said,"Right, what do you need doing?" With that said, we sorted the porch out and now filled with loads for the charity shop : ). Conservatory is cleaned stuff gone in porch for charity shop. Still more to do but feel better.

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