Monday, 22 April 2013

What we did over Weekend

So What a fab weekends Weather we had . Well we went to a Car boot ,got there a bit late as someone was suppose to turn up to fix the heating and he was a no show. Lucky for us our landlord turned up Sunday morning to fix it ( how lucky are we not many would do that) So after that went to Boston and had a wander.Sunday was a busy day .We cleaned Animals out they spent most of the day in there runs .Then i'd been looking at buying a fruit cage and there was no way we could afford 1.Then we had a fab idea,we had frame's left from last year from the plastic greenhouses that we got for £1.70 each.We got netting from Poundland .So see the pic's below to see what hubby made.

  Ain't it fab , so we gonna make another 1 to go over the blueberry bushes.

Lisa xxx

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  1. What a great idea , i am starting a garden from scratch here and will be looking for ideas , this is one i might use xxx