Saturday, 21 July 2012


Well today we for a look around Horncastle its a nice place for a wander ,there's antique shop's,small market etc ,but my fav charity shops.We had a good look around got some nice stuff which i'll show later. So i'm in charity shop with ma oldest girl and we saw a graphic's tablet brand new for 4.99 for the youngest. Hubby goes and gets her and is she's bothered NO! she's more bothered what's going on outside .She's saying but outside" charlie from bargain hunt" and shes getting louder and louder having a right flap doodle.I'm going never mind him what about this she went yeah nice then left .So i goes outside and they we're like charlie bargain hunt, i'm going where there like errrrrrrrrrrrrr's one of our fav's of the show .

lisa x

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