Thursday, 12 July 2012


As it says in the title i have removed certain post's from my blog.The one's with my son's EX on!!!!!!!!!!!
Now before i get to that story,as you know we moved to a bungalow a few weeks ago.Well not all was well, my son is sleeping in the living room as we found out there was a leak from the bathroom in to his bed room : ( ,which is not good so the leak has been fixed and there is a dehumidifier in there now drying it out. Hopefully he will be in soon, the reason for moving here was because 2 of the  kids  are on crutches ,and the youngest was always falling down them! Me and hubby decide it was time to leave the seaside and do the right thing .We had been looking where we lived before but there was nothing there that was suitable.

Now the pic's .well my son's now ex gf dumped him after she put up pic's of herself and his so called mate in a hotel on facebook and when hes asked about them she said i think we should be mates. i have feelings for him.Now i just think that is bang out of order!!!!!!!! now this so called mate lives 15mins from us so his dad took him down with her crap she left here and gave it to his dad .Told him he can have them as shes nothing to do with now. Now he put it on facebook where they where. she pm'd him and told him he was petty for putting it up.Am sorry but that is nothing to what she did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Now some might not agree putting this on here,well tough its my blog ! I am so hurt by what shes done to him.

lisa x

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